is a myspace visitor tracker that allows you to see who visits your MySpace profile. We offer hidden myspace tracker codes for premium members.

Original Myspace Tracker

What we do

theSpaceTracker is a perfectly imperfect medium used to track visitors to your myspace profile. It is fun to use, and like all the good things online, it's free and community driven. is an original Myspace Tracker with over a year in operation under it's belt. Try our Myspace Tracker Demo for a better understanding of the account features, or just register for free.


  • Photo, name and profile link for visitors who are members.
  • Location, time of last visit and numbers of visit's today/total for all visits.
  • A 'World Visitors Map' for all visitors to your profile.
  • Myspace profile stats: Weekly, Monthly, Geographically and Hourly.
  • 4 different Myspace Tracker Code types to choose from. Hidden, Default, World Visitor's Map or Hit Counter; it's your choice.
  • Access to exclusive Myspace Layouts and Myspace Network Growth, comming soon!


January 10th2007 | 9:10pm PST

The following features will become part of the Premium Member plan (which will be introduced shortly): being untrackable, automatic hidden tracker, advanced reporting. If you had a hidden tracker from before 2008 you will still remain hidden even without the Premium upgrade, but you will need a Premium account to be untrackable.



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Who Visits Your Space?

When visitors are members the myspace tracker will display full information about your myspace visitors such as your visitor's nickname, photo and myspace profile! Tell your friends about and get amazing tracking results. Our memberbase is large enough that you will recieve tracked visits for more than just the people you referred. Registration is fast and easy, you will have your myspace account tracking visits in no time!

When and how often?

Not only does our myspace tracker tell you the last time of visit for every myspace visit, we give myspace traffic summary as well as visits today vs visits total. You can access tracking results by the month, week, day, even hour! Or you may sort your results to see who visits most often

From where?

... is your myspace traffic coming from? Your Hometown? Hawaii, Australia, Hong Kong maybe even Africa? Geographical analytics integrated directly with your free myspace profile tracker!!!

But how does it work?

All you do is insert a small code to your myspace profile that allows the myspace tracker to work. Hidden myspace tracker codes will be available for premium members. These codes read basic information to track who is visiting your myspace profile. Invite your myspace network and better your myspace tracking results. hosted by Jaguar Pc
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